Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there was a King named Content. The land’s name was Internet, and King Content was by far the most respected and beloved King in the history of Internet. This story is his story.


Chapter I: On how Content was crowned the King of Internet

Before Content there was chaos in the land of Internet.

Internet, and its citizens (also known as Netizens), were ruled by the Spammers. Spammers were an awful type of corrupt leaders, who cared only about their personal profit and had no consideration to the needs and wishes of netizens. Day after day, they would spread anarchy and discontent in Internet, disturbing netizens in their humble daily lives by screaming absurd orders and demands.


Nothing good could be created in Internet, because Spammers would interrupt any positive cooperation, demanding to take all the profit for themselves, without offering any significant help or providing any decent reason to obey them. Internet was then a poor, dangerous place, and all the good Netizens were leaving it in numbers.

And then, one day, Sir Bill of Gates announced: Content is King! And the Netizens of Internet cheered loudly. Spammers were forced outside of Internet, and peace was restored.


Chapter II: On the kind rule of King Content of Internet

In Internet, King Content’s palace was named 2.0. In this palace, King Content was known for his ability to talk with people in a fascinating way that would magnet listeners for hours and hours and inspire them to improve themselves and their lives. This is why Palace 2.0 become such a popular place to visit. Netizens of all type were there:

Readers, thirsty for knowledge, information and engagement, would often come to see the King. King Content would provide them with answers to the questions they had, give them valuable advices for life, help them to solve personal problems, and tell them amazing tales about other lands, located far away.

Publishers, the story tellers of the land of Internet, would also frequent the palace on a daily basis. Inspired by King Content, they would come to share their stories, tell news from places to which they have been, and provide good guidance to readers, based on their vast experiences around the world.

And of course, the Palace was also full of merchants. Since the King was such a good speaker and the Palace became such a popular place, the Palace’s patio became was home to a huge market, where merchants from all corners of Internet would come to sell their goods.


It was a great deal for everyone: readers could listen to Content, receive news from publishers, and buy important goods from the merchants; publishers were the stars of the Palace and enjoyed a wonderful reputation as the main informers of Internet – everybody listened to them; and merchants had not only a great opportunity to sell goods, but also to be in direct contact with readers, interact with them and learn how they can improve.

In King Content’s 2.0 Palace, all would cooperate: publishers helped merchants by passing the news about new goods coming to the market, and assisted readers that were in need of information about the new offers; readers would tell merchants what they needed and did not have, and merchants in return did the best they can to be responsive and provide readers with all their requests.
2.0 looked in fact more like one large community.

Chapter III: Where is the crown??

And then one day, somebody shouted: “Where is the King’s crown?!”

It was true. Netizens of Internet did not notice it, but King Content didn’t have his crown.

“How can the King rule without a crown?!” wondered the Netizens, and started to look for the King’s Crown. They looked for it all around Internet, but couldn’t find it.

Everybody took part in the huge search journey: readers, who wished to express their gratitude for the King’s kindness and all that he has given them so far; publishers, who wanted later to tell the amazing tale of how they found the King’s crown and brought it back to him, saving the land of Internet and gaining eternal fame; and merchants, who hoped that by bringing the crown back to the King they will get closer to him and enjoy the privileges of his influential position and connections.


For a few days, the crown could not be found, and there was growing panic in Internet. Netizens were afraid that without his crown, King Content will be defied by the ages-old archenemies of Internet: Spammers. Nothing sounded worse for netizens than the return of the Spammers! Action was needed quickly!

 Chapter IV (and last): The miracle of cooperation brings King Content’s crown back!

Days turned into nights and nights into days, and a lot of breathless moments passed on the Netizens, before a miracle happened!

Just before they were about to give up and surrender themselves to the spammers, a group of readers found a small, shiny object hiding in the woods. A light at the end of the tunnel! Could it be the King’s crown?! The readers rushed to check the shiny object, but were disappointed to find that it was only a piece of the crown.

“Somebody broke the King’s crown!” cried the readers, “we are doomed!”

But how lucky they were, that right nearby were some smart merchants!

At this point, some sleazy merchants have already abandoned King Content and pledged allegiance to the Spammers, trying to secure their profit under the new regime, but honest merchants remained loyal to Content! Hearing the readers’ cry, they came to their help:

“Fear not, dear readers! If one piece of the crown was found, another one must also be around! We will help you look for it!”. They quickly called a big group of publishers, and all together started to search for the crown’s missing parts.

It was a matter of minutes before publishers tweeted out loud: “We found another part!”, and quickly a merchant’s call was heard from the other side: “There is a third part!”. All searching parties gathered at Palace 2.0 and joined the pieces they found.

What a miracle! The three parts fitted perfectly! King Content’s crown was restored!

Netizens later discovered that the whole story was an attempt for a coup d’etat from the side of the Spammers. They wanted to overthrow King Content and rule Internet, but did not manage. Having restored his authority, King Content expelled the Spammers far away, all the way to the dark and hopeless land of Ignore.

On this day, Netizens learned a valuable lesson: Content is King, but to rule he needs the support of all Netizens – readers, publishers and merchants as one. The true power of King Content was the unity he brought upon readers, publishers and merchants. Once they cooperated, they managed to restore the King’s Crown, and bring happiness to all Netizens: readers continued to enjoy the wisdom of King Content, publishers continued to tell their incredible tales and gained world fame, and merchants continued to provide Internet with their valuable goods, earning their living while satisfying the needs of all Netizens.

And they lived happily ever after…


Boost the News – telling the story of King Content to the world

This, our friends, is the story of King Content of Internet. A story on how cooperation brings happiness to all. Here at Boost the News, we tell ourselves this story every day before going to sleep. This story inspires us to continue the work of Boost the News – where readers, publishers and businesses all gain from supporting quality content online.

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  • King Content gets his crown.

Dear readers,

today, we begin a new journey with Boost the News. A journey inspired by the story of King Content. This blog will follow our journey closely, reminding us all the time of why content is king, and why when good content is shared online, everybody is happier.

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So, what do you think?


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