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In order to provide our service you agree to implement our tracking codes and use of cookies’ data in order to serve advertising. We will never share yur data with any third parties and its use will be only internal with main purpose of serving personalized advertising.


We only accept websites with at least 30K UVs monthly. If your website is smaller we can still discuss potential cooperation but we cannot promise that our system will be availble for you. Moreover for websites with less than 100K UVs monthly we cannot guarantee that you will receive free top up.

Data Collection

In order to provide our service we DO NOT collect personally identifiable data such as names, email addresses, postal addresses or telephone numbers. Our data has no way of identifying who you are.

We DO collect log files, cookies and web beacons from browsers of advertisers and third-party websites. This data is anonymized and contains non-personally identifiable data such as IP addresses, browsing history, and time stamps. We also collect anonymous information from cookies which allows us to identify customer segments. Our goal is to gain enough insight from browser data to deliver personalized ads that have a higher chance to be interesting for a visitor.

The Choice is Yours

To provide our services we use technologies such as cookies or web beacons. You can always change the settings of your browser to disable cookies and prevent services from gathering data if you have any concerns about the protection of your privacy. Note that due to the common use of cookies, turning them off may prevent you from using a variety of websites. Refer to your browser’s documentation to learn how to turn off tracking mechanisms like cookies.

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Application forms on the only receive necessary information in order for contacting you with service notification. Your personal data will not be processed by us for longer than it is necessary to provide service or to all legal intents and purposes.

Privacy Changes

Please be aware that boostthenews,com may deem it fit or necessary to update this Privacy Policy at any time. We reserve the right to make changes at any time. You will be notified of any significant changes to our Privacy Policy with a notice placed on our website.

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