Content is changing the way companies do online marketing and PR. The world has adopted content as the top online marketing strategy, but in Poland, many businesses seem not to have joined this trend. Why is that, and how can your business benefit from this situation?  

This article was published in Polish on We present it here in English for the international audience. 

What is the number one buzzword in online marketing in 2015? Ask any marketer, and the answer you will get is – content. It’s been a long time since Bill Gates announced that “content is king”, a lot of online marketing techniques have come and gone, and in 2015, content is finally receiving the place of honor it deserves. Brands and business understand that high-quality content is the key to the hearts of today’s internet users, and so content marketing is now the most prominent online marketing strategy.

The reasons are many: the instability of SEO, the growing immunity of internet users to commercial content on social media, have all lead to the understanding that creating high-quality content is crucial to succeeding in the online jungle.

9.Content marketing still not ruling Polish internet

Why is content marketing still not ruling Polish internet?

Nevertheless, Polish brands and businesses have not yet jumped on the wagon. Despite growing awareness of what is content marketing and why it is  important, commercial websites in Poland still have a lot to work on. According to the Content Marketing in Poland report by Interaktywnie, Polish brands still do not invest enough resources to ensure the quality of the content they publish online. When popular marketing blogger Jakub Prószyński  wrote about the best content marketing campaigns in Poland, it is no wonder that he found all of them to be of foreign firms.

The main reason why content marketing remains unpopular in Poland is that it requires a shift in the way of thinking about PR and online marketing.

Content marketing is meant for brand-building, not for immediate results. It is a long-term investment that aspires to build a strong brand, with a loyal community of returning users, and with an aura of authority and knowledge. It requires long-term strategic thinking, investment of time and resources in the creation of high-quality expert content, and constant research about developing trends. Content marketing is hard to measure, and in the short term it may seem to provide low return-on-investment, as opposed to aggressive sales and advertisement strategies. For inpatient CEOs in the era of online “instant results”, this is hard to digest.

9.What is missing in Polish content marketing

What is missing in Polish content marketing?

High-quality owned media and blogs:
Polish brands have already mastered the art of social media, but when it comes to content marketing, social media is not the main battlefield. Having a good corporate blog is ABC of online content marketing: it helps SEO and increases traffic to your page; it builds you as an authority of knowledge; and it creates a community of devoted users and followers. Think of top corporate blogs in the field of PR and marketing (Hubspot, KissMetrics, Moz), and how much added value they provide their audience and their companies!

In Poland, corporate blogs are now mostly common among PR firms, but not among brands. How many Polish corporate blogs do you follow?    

Influencer marketing and blogger outreach:
Influencer marketing is the biggest content marketing trend of 2015. If you don’t believe me, ask the international experts. Companies have realized that taking influential bloggers and having them write compelling content about your brand is much more effective than trying to produce it by yourself. This infographic explains very well why:


An example of the popularity of influencer marketing as a content marketing strategy are the hundreds of platforms bringing together brands and bloggers. Platforms, such as The Shelf or Influenster, host databases of thousands of bloggers, and allow brands to start a campaign with selected influencers.

In Poland, this strategy is far from being used. In a recent research conducted by Stowarzyszenie Content Marketing Polska, representatives of 73 Polish brands were asked who is their preferred partner for content marketing strategies. They gave 9 answers, none of them was “bloggers and online influencers”. Do you understand? A trend that has been recognized as “the most important trend in online marketing for 2015” is not even mentioned by Polish marketers!

The reason for this is not the lack of influential bloggers in Poland. I just returned from SeeBloggers, the biggest bloggers’ conference in Poland. Over 600 hundred bloggers attended the conference; altogether, their content influences millions of Poles. But as I talked to them, they kept repeating: brands don’t recognize our potential. They don’t want to work with us, and when they do, they expect us to do it for free because they think blogging is a joke, a hobby.

Well, here are some news for you, brands: blogging is not a joke. It’s a serious business, and you’re being left behind. Have a look at some of the bloggers that participated in SeeBloggers, and check how they can help your business grow.   

9.You can be the king of content

You can be the king of content

The bad news of this article is that Polish brands make far less use of content marketing than they should. The good news is that this provides you with a great chance to stand out. Apply the right content marketing strategy, and you will very quickly be the undoubted ruler of Polish online marketing, with a strong brand and a loyal audience that your concurrence can only dream of.

If you are ready to give it a chance, here are essential tools you will need to start this journey:

BuzzSumo: every strategy begins with research, and BuzzSumo is the number one tool for content research online. With BuzzSumo, you can follow content trends in your field, check who are the leading influencers in your field, and check how your content is doing in comparison to your concurrence.

Outbrain: if you don’t know Outbrain, it’s about time you get to know it. The most famous service in the growing field of “native advertisement” will help you to increase traffic on your webpage by leading readers to different related articles.

Sniply: this sassy tool is much fun. Find articles related to your field, and attach to them a link to your website. When you share it, readers of the article will follow directly to your webpage, increasing your traffic.

Boost the News: here is a reason for local pride. Born and raised in Warsaw, Boost the News plays in the playground of the big kids, and already has clients all over Europe. Boost the News enables you to amplify your online presence by promoting content written by bloggers and publishers.

Using these tools, you can take a leading position in the Polish content marketing scene – don’t wait until your competitors read this article, start acting now!