My account

How can I use Boost the News?

It’s simple! Create a free account on www.boostthenews.com and start searching and monitoring news on particular keywords.

How do I change my Boost the News password?

Enter “settings” on your Boost the News panel and choose “change password”.

I don’t remember my password. What do I do?

Don’t worry, it happens to everybody. On the login page, choose the option “forgot my password”.

I’m encountering problems that are not answered here. How can I contact you?

If you encounter problems with your Boost the News account and can’t find the answer on this page, contact us at contact@boostthenews.com.

How much does Boost the News cost?

At the moment, Boost the News is on free Beta.

News searching

How can I search for news and articles using Boost the News?

It’s simple: enter “search” on your Boost the News panel, insert the keyword you are looking for, and Boost the News will find news recently published on the topic.

I haven’t found the article I was looking for. What happened?

We are constantly working on improving Boost the News. If you believe we missed an article you were looking for, please send us a link to the article and we will see what could have caused the problem.

How does the Boost the News traffic estimate work?

Boost the News gives you not only results of recently published articles on the topic you have requested, but also an estimate of how many people are actually reading it. It does so by calculating the popularity of the service on which the article was published, and the popularity of the article in comparison to other articles on the website.

Media monitoring

How can I monitor particular news using Boost the News?

Enter “monitor” on your Boost the News panel, insert the keyword you wish to monitor, and Boost the News will alert you every time a new article on this keyword is published. You receive alerts on new articles by mail, and can see the results of your monitoring on your Boost the News panel.

Can I edit my monitored keywords?

Yes. At any moment you can edit, replace or delete your monitored keywords.

Can I monitor more than three keywords?

Yes. You get three keywords when you open your Boost the News account. To monitor more keywords, invite friends to join Boost the News using the link available the “monitor” section of your Boost the News panel. For every friend who joins Boost the News, you get two more keywords for monitoring (up to 20 keywords).

Where do my alerts get sent?

Alerts on new keywords arrive to the e-mail address you have set when opening your Boost the News account.