Content is King? Not in this galaxy! The chances of your content being noticed in the universe of online content are like the chances of finding life on another planet. In this battle, your only weapon is paid promotion.

In the mythology of online marketing, content is king. But entering 2016, many marketers are beginning to question this paradigm.

The internet has become a universe of content: hundreds of millions of articles, blog entries, tweets, Facebooks posts and Youtube videos are uploaded on a daily basis. In this universe of content, the chance of finding your content (however great it may be), is more or less equal to the chance of finding life on another planet.

As an homage to the new episode of Star Wars coming up, we decided to check who your opponents are in the universe of content. And there appear to be MANY opponents.

The bottom line is clear: a galactic war is taking place in the universe of content, and in this war, paid promotion is your only weapon. If you count on your content being “great” without promoting it, get ready to see it beaten mercilessly by the dark forces.

Ways of promoting content are many. It’s time to choose your weapon and get it going!

Native ads: we love to hate the “recommended articles” that seem to us so ineffective every time we see another article about “10 cute child-celebrities who grew up to be ugly.” But is it a coincidence that content discovery platforms, such as Outbrain and Taboola, have become leviathans of the online marketing industry? I don’t think so. Here, at Business2Community, William Yates presented an article that shows how effective these platforms can be. Have a look, and consider taking them with you to your content wars!

Content retargeting: you probably know about retargeting in the context of e-commerce and retargeting of products. But retargeting articles? Well, if you haven’t heard of it yet, you’ll be surprised by the results of this study case by Boost the News, which shows how retargeting ads can duplicate or even triplicate content visibility.

Social media advertising: during 2015, online marketers were beating their heads against the wall trying to answer the crackdown on social media organic reach. They inserted links, added pictures, wrote short posts, wrote long posts, begged people to like, comment, share or retweet – but were still lost in vertigo in the universe of content. It’s time to face it: organic is dead And who is better than Larry Kim to explain how to run a ridiculously powerful social media ad strategy?

Brothers in arms – it’s time. Content war is on, there are no more excuses. Don’t let yourself be lost in the universe of online content – choose your promotion weapon and out to the battlefield!