For online publishers, half of the potential readers of an article do not end up reading it – this is the conclusion of a recent test conducted by Boost the News and Polish service “Nowy Marketing”. The key to fixing this problem is promoting content first of all among existing readers of the website.


This article was originally published in Polish on the Nowy Marketing portal, and is presented here to our international audience. Read the original article in Polish here.

Increasing website traffic is the dream of every online publisher. However, in the era of content abundance, when millions of articles and posts are published on a daily basis, this seems likes mission impossible. Throughout the globe, publishers agree that promotion is the only solution to the problem – a publishers who want to see their articles being read and shared have no other way but promoting them.

The world of online marketing is already familiar with the concept of “retargeting” – advertising pages to users who have previously showed interest in them. But what about retargeting for content? “Content retargeting” is a rising trend in the field of content promotion, and publishers who are not familiar with it are falling behind. 

The idea is simple: when readers visit a certain web portal, they never manage to read all available articles. This causes a situation in which most articles remain unread and forgotten, and do not make use of the full potential of readership provided by the portal. Content retargeting campaigns make sure that this potential is fulfilled: just like in regular retargeting, they display ads of the content to users who have already visited the web portal, but first and foremost reach those who have not yet read the given displayed article. Doing so, retargeting ads “invite” readers to return and read articles they have previously missed, and thus make sure that the traffic of every article is increased.

Content retargeting is a trend yet to be discovered by most online publishers (including bloggers), but more and more of them are realizing the huge potential behind it. How content retargeting can help increase traffic of articles is shown in a recent test conducted by Boost the News in cooperation with the Polish marketing service “Nowy Marketing”: within 10 days, a content retargeting campaign conducted for one of the articles on Nowy Marketing increased the article’s traffic by 150%!


The statistics above are taken from the Boost the News panel. They show clearly that without the retargeting promotion, over half of the potential readers would have missed the article. Online publishers such as Nowy Marketing make a huge effort to attract new readers – but these efforts are meaningless if half of these readers bounce back out after reading only one article, and missing many other articles. The bottom line is that content promotion begins first of all among visitors who are already reading your page. This is the lesson of content retargeting for publishers.