Cooperation between brands and bloggers is growing. For brands, it is a must-have marketing strategy; for bloggers – a crucial way of monetizing their content and making a living out of what they do best. If you are a blogger looking to work with a brand, or vice-versa, there are a number of special platforms formed especially for this purpose. Here are our top-10 recommended ones.   

Blogger outreach is one of the most popular online marketing strategies nowadays. Bloggers enjoy the status of respected and trustworthy thought-leaders among wide and loyal audiences. This puts them in an influential position, which marketers and brands long for. We have already written about the positive results that work with bloggers can bring for brands, and guided brands on how to make the best out of such cooperation. But we often get asked by brands: how do we find the right blogger?

The answer is simple: with the growth of blogger outreach as a marketing strategy, a number of designated platforms were created with the exact purpose of bringing brands and bloggers together. Each of them is special, and dedicated to varying types of audiences, but they all have the same goal: to enable a prosperous cooperation between bloggers and brands.

So whether you are a blogger looking to monetize your content and move “from hobby to profession”, or whether you are a brand looking to boost your marketing efforts and discover the wonders that bloggers can do to your brand visibility – brand-blogger platforms are the place for you to be. We have gathered for you the top 10 brand-blogger platforms, with explanations of what makes each one of them so special. Stop everything you are doing right now, and start writing down:

the shelf

The Shelf

Made it to Onalytica’s list of top 100 content marketing influencers of 2015, and not in vain. Hosts over 200,000 members, mostly in the fields of fashion, food, life-style and travel. Also publishes one of our favorite blogs on the topics of content marketing, blogging, and influencer marketing.

 bloggy moms

The Bloggy Moms Network

With over 250k followers on social and more than 16k members in the network, it’s hard to hide the success. The Bloggy Moms Network is probably the most successful bloggers’ network for moms (and you all know what a huge blogging super-power are moms!). What’s special about this platform is the annual face-to-face meeting, where brands bloggers from the network can get together, meet, and discuss possible cooperation. What a great initiative!

the blogger programme

The Blogger Programme

Classic brand-blogger platform, with tens of thousands of bloggers from all genres, genders and ages, and with hundreds of brands looking to cooperate with bloggers. Includes great unique features, such as the possibility to search for brands, and a public section with blogging opportunities – this means bloggers can not only take the passive role of waiting for a pitch, but also actively approach brands through the platform, which is fantastic.



A product-discovery platform. Sorry, THE product-discovery platform. It is like Product Hunt coming true for bloggers of all genres. If you are into reviews of products, you should have been there already yesterday. What is great is that it encourages constant participation and sharing of knowledge on the platform through its points and badges systems, which makes it even more fun!

blogs release


This one has a slightly different concept: instead of pitches or products, here you have the “press release board”, in which brands and businesses publish their latest press releases, and bloggers can choose the most interesting. It is always a good idea to have a diversified strategy, so this can be a great additional platform to frequent.


She speaks


Put together since they both target the same audience – women bloggers. Two powerful platforms that gather a community of content and in fact represent much more than a commercial platform – they embody a movement of thousands of women who use the internet as a means of empowerment, self-expression, and also economic liberation.



A free database of blogs and bloggers, open for reading and pitching. With loads of tabloid-like content, it is a brave choice to include in this list. But hey, the numbers don’t lie – it is one of the most popular platforms in town.



Hands-up, fitness freaks! This one is especially for you. Fitfluential connects over 12,000 members with top brands in the field of fitness, sports and health. Fitfluential currently works with some 2,000 brand ambassadors but offers also a much wider community of giveaways, events, and all types of discussions. Made me want to start running!!!


Bottom line: Why choose one when you can have it all?

These platforms are meant to facilitate and increase your visibility and contact with brands. Each of them has its own unique features and characteristics, which makes it great to combine several of them. Some are genre-specific, so you have to find the right one for your niche, but many embrace all types of bloggers. Some require a lot of in-platform interaction (which can get a bit time-consuming), but in many of them all you have to do is to sign up.

Do you agree with our choices? Have we unjustifiably left any important names out? We’re waiting for your comments!


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