Boost the News 101


Set up media alerts

You do not need to search new articles every day. Add a new alert  into a Monitoring tab and voilà. You will get a media alert in your email box every single time a new article appears online.

Use simple query

Searching for new articles fitting your queries should be simple. If you would like to use longer query, the smart tip is to add two alerts: one with a short query and second with the longer version to select the most important content.

Search for equal query

To make sure that located articles will contain exact query use “your query“ ex. “Hillary Clinton”. When you will set your query this way our search engine will only find articles which contain the complete query.

Don’t worry about the font and letter size

To find relevant articles you do not need to worry about the size of the letter. Searching “Boost the News” query or “boost the news” query provides you with same results.

Do not paste the link in the search tab

If you would like to verify the article’s potential traffic, please do not paste the entire link into the search tab. It would not work that way. Try to use query from the article’s title instead.

Don’t give up when there are no results

When we do not find any relevant articles to your query, do not give up. Add this query to the Alerts on the Monitoring tab. Number of websites and blogs that we monitor grow every day. Give us just a few days to find relevant websites for you.

Use only English query

As of now, our search engine monitors English websites only. Please keep this in mind when you are expecting local results.

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